Amie Roman - Printmaker - Artist in Nature

Amie Roman, AFCA - Printmaker

Amie & Murri 2006

My parents kept me entertained from an early age by providing newsprint and crayons to encourage my expression and imagination.  As both of my parents were in the biological sciences, I was immersed in nature from the start. 

Educated at Crofton House School, I proceeded to obtain my Bachelor of Science, Honours in Conservation Biology from the University of British Columbia.  To expand my natural instincts towards art, I have taken numerous courses and workshops in various media and techniques: from printmaking to painting; drafting to drawing; composition to colour.  I currently hold AFCA "signature" status with the Federation of Canadian Artists.

My fascination with the natural world is evident in my artwork.  I combine my love and knowledge of science and nature with my artistic skills and strong sense of design.  I strive to reflect the essence of the world around us in my work.

I have been greatly influenced by my grandmother, Caro Woloshyn, AFCA.  I was surrounded by her art - growing up, our house was always full of Caro's original watercolours of glassware, old farm equipment, and still life subjects.  I share much of my taste in subject matter with Caro.  Other influences and inspiration include J.F. Lansdowne, Chris Czajkowski, Suzanne Northcott and Robert Genn.

Printmaking has become my focus because it is a craft that requires great skill and creativity.  I continually work towards building and honing those skills taught to me by many accomplished printmakers (including Lone Tratt, Lawrence Lowe, Shinsuke Minegishi, and Patrick Hill).

I teach introductory relief and monotype printmaking using very low-tech equipment and water-soluble inks for easy clean up.  Please contact me if you are interested in learning either of these techniques.

I currently live in Cobble Hill, British Columbia, with my cabinetmaker husband, Dave, our newest "edition" Katia, our feline assistants, Murri & Stubbi, and share a studio & inspirations with my painting/printmaking artistic mother, Betty Cavin.


Crofton House School
1992 - High school diploma

University of British Columbia
1996 - Bachelor of Science, Honours - Conservation Biology

Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design - Continuing Education
2006 - Wood Engraving (Shinsuke Minegishi)
2006 - Basics of Composition & Form (Frances Grafton)
2005 - Drafting for Design (Colin Ferris)
2005 - Introduction to Relief Printing (Lawrence Lowe)

Federation of Canadian Artists

2008 - Elements of Design (Lalita Hamill)
2006 - Definitive Acrylics (Robert Genn)
2005 - Introduction to Acrylics (Janice Robertson)
2005 - "Bring Your Stuff..." (Suzanne Northcott)
1999 - Composition (Don Farrell)
1999 - Colour Theory (Suzanne Northcott)
1998 - Introduction to Painting (Mike Svob, Rick McDiarmid, Joyce Kamikura, Suzanne Northcott, Jeanne Duffy)
1997 - Drawing (Alan Wylie, Tom Huntley)

Dundarave Print Workshop
1995 - Introduction to Intaglio Printing (Lone Tratt)

White Rock Summer School of the Arts
2004 - Journal Sketching (Don Getz)
Pal Press Studio
2007 - Introduction to Lithography (Pat Hill)